Golden Indie Music Awards
The building blocks of music are excellent musical pieces. The Golden Indie Music Awards, presented since 2010, have encouraged Taiwan’s composers to let their creative juices flow. More, these awards have shone the spotlight on the diverse ways music is developing, and have spurred the creation of original music by affirming the work of musicians and composers. These awards have brought great honor to their recipients, and reward the spirit of innovation. The Award for Best Single has been opened up to digital productions, and awards for rock, folk, electronica, and hip-hop. Since the 2nd GIMAs, awards for jazz music and R&B have been presented, while starting with the 5th GIMAs, the R&B award was folded into the Best Style Award. The GIMAS were then able to honor a more diverse melange of indie music. Live performances have seen explosive growth in recent years, and the GIMAs recognize this with the Best Live Performance Award and Best Instrumentalist Award. And, to honor Chinese-language musical creations from around the world, the Best Overseas Creation Award has been instituted.

The GIMAS are more than just an awards show; they are a venue to showcase the creativity and versatility of Taiwan’s musicians. Now in its ninth year, the Golden Indie Music Awards is entering a new phase as part of a three-year plan to transform the festival into a pan-Asian celebration of music, and Taiwan into Asia’s pop music creation center. This year, the two-week-long Asia Rolling Music Festival will feature performances by more than 50 acts from across Asia. This premier event will showcase the continent’s most versatile innovators, and the unique musical styles and creative spirit that inspire them.
This year, the GIMAs become a portal for interchange among musicians from across Asia. From Taiwan, their music will light up all of Asia!


Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA)



Asia Rolling Music Festival

Taipei, Kaohsiung